What are essential oils?

  • Pure extracts from plants (50-70 times more powerful than herbs)
  • Nature’s defence mechanism for plants and cells
  • Used anciently and throughout history for health benefits
  • Highly concentrated - 1 drop of peppermint essential oil = 28 cups of peppermint tea
  • Safe, effective, affordable

Explore nature’s solutions for your health

  • Essential oils don’t replace traditional medication, however they provide a natural alternative
  • Choosing to use essential oils can support your health vs. masking the symptoms, with no side effects and safe for the whole family

Why doTERRA essential oils?

Safe: doTERRA has established a standard of purity - CPTG. They are the purest oils you can find in the world
Effective: plants produce essential oils to fight environmental threats. They can penetrate the cell membrane and eliminate threats, helping you take control of your health naturally
Affordable: Only cents per drop vs. costly

How to use essential oils

Internally: Add to water, drop under tongue, or put in a capsule
Topically: Powerful! One drop of essential oil can service every cell of your body
Lemon Essential OilAromatically: Inhale or use a diffuser

Lemon essential oil added to water is
both hydrating
and alkalising

doTERRA helps build on a foundation of good nutrition and supplementation

Watch the video below to understand how essential oils work, how to use them and why we recommend using doTERRA

We are 100% certain that doTERRA oils will support your body’s healing ability!

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