One of the greatest needs and pleasures as a human is to share something in your life which you’ve found, that is really special and works for you.

Our spontaneous involvement with essential oils came to us as a great surprise. We ran a successful massage clinic and school. We weren't looking for anything else and suddenly this new opportunity was presented to us. All mental, emotional, and spiritual life indicators pointed us towards engaging. We listened to the call. Slowly at first, and then, as our understanding deepened, we became more and more involved.

Nearly 7 years later our life has been transformed way beyond expectations. Our health and energy levels have improved dramatically. We have found our potential, gifts and strengths on a much deeper level and we are fully engaged to share these with the world on a much larger scale than ever before.

What does that mean for you? We have walked the walk and can show you a proven path to be a powerful creator for your life as well. Once you have experienced the amazing benefits of the essential oils that we not only use, but live by, then our share program is the first step towards building a new career for you. At first we will guide you with proven baby steps, showing you how to share in a simple and rewarding way. As you start recognising the improvements in your life by using essential oils, then sharing these benefits with your family and friends will come naturally.

Tips for a Successful CLASS

  • For better attendance, share an oil experience prior to inviting. Ask your presenter for assistance as needed.
  • Ideal class is 6-8 qualified* people. About 25-50% of those you invite will attend, so invite 15-25 people.
  • A clean, child-free environment is best for learning.
  • Diffuse uplifting oils to create a positive atmosphere (ie Wild Orange, Citrus Bliss, Peppermint).
  • Provide water and simple refreshments for the end of class so guests can mingle while the presenter answers questions and assists in enrolling.

* Over 18, financially able to purchase, not already enrolled


3 Steps to INVITE

    I’m so excited! We just started using essential oils in our home and are amazed with how well they work for so many different things! (Share your experience). When I thought about those I know who would love these,
    I thought of you!
    Are you open to learning more about essential oils and natural ways of caring for yourself and your family? I’m having a class on (date) at (time). Would you like to come?
    If you’re like me, you’d appreciate a reminder. How about I give you a quick reminder before the class?

The essential oil sharing journey is exciting, rewarding and fun!

Share - Invite - Impact - Earn