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  • There is no requirement for a minimum order ($ value or how often you order)

Essential Oil Kits

Getting started with a kit is a great introduction to essential oils.  dōTERRA absorb the wholesale account fee of $35 and provide greater savings than when purchasing the oils individually.  They have also taken the guess work out of wondering which oils to order by putting together a collection of really useful oils that you’ll use again and again.

Here are the three most popular and best value options for you to choose from.

Build Your Own Essential Oil Kit

You may already know what oils you want and that’s not a problem. You can choose the oils you love, just include the wholesale registration fee ($35) when ordering, and away you go!


Single Essential Oil Price List

To view the full range of dōTERRA oils, kits and products that can be purchased from within Australia CLICK HERE


Let’s Order!

If you already know what oils/products you want it’s easy to get started. Simply follow the steps below:

  2. Choose your language and the country you want products shipped to
  3. Continue and click LOCAL OTG if you are ordering within Australia
  5. Fill in your details (Sponsor ID is already pre-filled do not remove) and create yourself a password
  6. On the next page choose the kit you want OR the $35 intro paperwork and type in the names of the oils and blends you want and then fill in your payment details.