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Winter Diffuser Blend Recipes

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Make the most of Winter and enjoy it in comfort with these lovely doTERRA diffuser recipes. Whether you are sitting … Read More

DIY Perfumes

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DIY Perfumes   Are you tired of using the same perfumes that are popular with other people? It’s not easy … Read More

Using Essential Oils Safely with Babies & Children

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  Using Essential Oils Safely with Babies & Children There is a lot of evidence that essential oils, derived from … Read More

Do It Yourself Diffuser

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DIY Diffuser Can’t afford a diffuser right now? Here are some great ideas for low budget or inexpensive way to … Read More

Cleaning your Cloud and Petal diffusers

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Cleaning your diffuser regularly assists in ensuring that it functions correctly and that it will last you many years of … Read More

Winter Wellness Checklist – 6 Natural Ways to avoid getting sick this winter

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Coming into winter solstice in the Southern hemisphere, it’s the coldest time of the year. Temperatures around Australia have been … Read More

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